A short list of the clients and business activities that were done for them (projects, studies, educations, ...)

AZRA d.o.o.

Agencija za razvoj Varaždinske županije - Vama na usluzi već 10 godina.

Project title

Applicant / Client

Project value (€)

Project duration (months)

Europe for citizens
IC - UC (Intercultural unity of citizens) City of Biograd 53,466.16 12
EUR-ID (Building EURopean IDentity through joint cultural and sports traditions) Municipality of Cestica 56,448.70 12
IC - EU (InterCultural EU partnership) Municipality of Breznički Hum 7,000.00 1
Old and New Europe meets to discuss the future of EU citizens Municipality of Vidovec 12,000.00 -
EU ABC´s Municipality of Rasinja 7,000.00 -
SEtUP - studenti za Europu Municipality of Sračinec 15,000.00 -
EU CTH Common culture, tradition and heritage in promoting Municipality of Sveti Ilija 9,000.00 -
TG-LG "Teaching green - Living green" - Citizens for Europe Municipality of Breznički Hum 9,000.00 -
ACT4EU - Actions and exchange of know-how between European communities in agriculture, crafts, folklore and traditional food Municipality of Vidovec 13,000.00 -
INWOLW - Stimulating EU INclusive groWth thrOugh integrated cuLture and Women actions City of Varaždinske Toplice 7,000.00 -
European fund for regional development
IPP and IPT development project in the North Croatia region Varaždin County 693,271.67 26
Adaptation of the gas boiler room by installing a thermal pump Student Home Varaždin 90,709.47 6
Adaptation of the gas boiler room by installing a thermal pump in the Elementary school Veliki Bukovec Elementary school Veliki Bukovec 90,709.47 6
Adaptation of the gas boiler room by installing a thermal pump High School "Arboretum Opeka" 89,996.98 6
Replacing the external windows on the Faculty building (FOI 1) Faculty of organization and informatics, Varaždin 287,483.23 12
Using new equipment to provide better primary health care Private dental medicine ordination Romana Premuž 28,097.12 6
Becoming more competitive through expansion and diversification of the manufacturing capacities - Kircek d.o.o. Kircek d.o.o. 1,346,864.13 12
Energy renewal of the non-residential building Medical school Varaždin 90,337.79 6
Constructing a connection building between two departments with the service internal road General Hospital Varaždin - Novi Marof 5,753,450.67 12
European Social Fund
Helpers for school pupils in the Varaždin county schools Varaždin County 405,854.43 11
Innovative curricula of "Florists" in line with the European quality standards FLORA + High school "Arboretum Opeka" 219,968.28 11
Interdisciplinary curricula of vocational high schools Economic school Varaždin 210,000.00 12
Modern methods in education High school Ivanec 197,370.00 12
Promotion of trade vocational occupations for the development of entrepreneurship High school Ludbreg 22,261.64 12
Strengthening the gymnasium education through curricula reform of the STEM and ICT fields First gymnasium Varaždin 148,609.31 12
Big ones for the little ones (ensuting the helpers for the pupils in the academic year 15/16) Varaždin County 337,967.31 11
FOR PLAN Varaždin County 126,190.25 15
ICE Varaždin County 101,460.00 15
P.O.T. Varaždin County 137,276.50 15
SMEs GO ONLINE Varaždin County 120,506.50 13
VIA URBIUM Tourist Board of the City of Varaždin 107,760.00 15
FUTUREPUBLICENERGY Varaždin County 139,877.02 14
InvestPro Zala Megyei Kereskedelmi és Iparkamara 127,871.19 12
INVESTrategy REDEA d.o.o. 166,179.78 12
Mura-Drava Bike Regional developmnet agency Mura 1,799,816.88 36
EDU-PRENEUR AZRA d.o.o. 270,172.31 18
SPRINT REDEA d.o.o. 641,109.31 24
IR-OVE Slovenia trade-entreprenurship board 521,061.91 23
SPIRIT AZRA d.o.o. 251,152.34 15
BIOREGIO Economic instituted Maribor 236,359.30 15
INOVALOCA MOZAIK - Association for social inclusion 360,308.06 15
MARATON ZRS Bistra, Ptuj 370,219.38 15