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IPA I – Transition assistance and institution building

This component aims to strengthen democratic institutions and the rule of law, civil service reform, the implementation of economic reform, respect of human and minority rights, promotion of gender equality, support of civil society development and promotion of regional cooperation, reconciliation and reconstruction as well as sustainable development and poverty reduction.



IPA II – Cross-border cooperation Slovenia – Croatia

The vision of this programme is to make the cross-border area between Croatia and Slovenia competitive with sustainable living conditions for its residents by using development opportunities which arise from cross-border cooperation.



IPA II – Cross-border cooperation Hungary – Croatia

The vision of this programme is to make the cross-border area between Croatia and Hungary competitive with sustainable living conditions for its residents. This programme offers a wide spectrum of possibilities for potential beneficiaries within the frame of two priorities: Sustainable environment and tourism; and development of economic cooperation and common human capacities. 



IPA II – Adriatic

It is a cooperation programme between Italy, Greece, Slovenia, Croatia, Albania, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. 


IPA II – Croatia – Bosnia i Herzegovina

It is a cooperation programme between Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina which is being implemented through 2 priorities: Creation of common economic space; and improving the quality of life and social cohesion.



IPA II – Croatia – Serbia

This programme encourages the cross-border cooperation for the diversification and improvement of regional development in accordance with socially and ecologically sustainable practices while also improving cross-border neighborly relationships.



IPA II – Croatia – Montenegro

Programme Croatia – Montenegro encourages the creation of favorable environmental and socioeconomic conditions in the cross-border area by improving the cooperation in jointly selected sectors and by improving neighborly relationships in eligible areas.



IPA II – MED Programme

Med programme is intended to foster the competitiveness of the Mediterranean area in order to encourage growth and employability for future generations, but also to encourage territory connections and environment protection along with sustainable development. 



IPA II – SEE – South East Europe

This programme seeks to develop transnational partnerships in areas of strategic importance, to enhance territorial, economic and social processes of integration and to contribute to the cohesion, stability and competitiveness of region. 



IPA IIIa - Transport

This component supports infrastructure projects in the transport sector and represents a continuation of the ISPA programme. 



IPA IIIb – Environment protection

The IPA IIIb component is aimed at financing projects in the field of environmental protection.



IPA IIIc – Regional competitiveness


The goal of the IPA IIIc component is the encouragement of social and economic cohesion within the country as well as the development of institutional abilities and practical experience for managing investments, such as those co-financed by European Regional Development Fund.


IPA IV – Human resources development

Component IV of the IPA programme supports measures directed at promoting employment, education and social inclusion. It is a precursor to the European Social Fund, IPA Component IV finances projects in the field of social cohesion as a means to achieve the goals set out in the European Employment Strategy. 

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IPA V – Rural development

IPA V. component of IPA supports economic activities in the field of agriculture and food production, including the development and improvement of rural infrastructure.



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